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How To Sage Your Space

It is very common for me to talk about sage in a reading, a lot of us need to sage regularly.

(and a sage stick will last you a while, as it slow burns)

Commonly, people think sage is only to remove bad spirits or "haunted" spaces, and well yes sage defiantly helps it is not the only reason to use sage.

The best times to sage, or perform smudging rituals, can vary based on personal preference, cultural traditions, and spiritual beliefs. Here are some commonly suggested times:

  1. During a New Moon or Full Moon: Many believe that the energy during these lunar phases is particularly potent for cleansing and setting intentions. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, making it ideal for clearing out old energies and welcoming in fresh starts. The full moon, on the other hand, is often associated with illumination and heightened energy, making it a powerful time for cleansing and charging your space with positive intentions.

  2. When Moving into a New Home: Before settling into a new living space, smudging can clear any residual energies from previous occupants and create a fresh, welcoming environment for yourself.

  3. After a Significant Event or Change: Following events such as arguments, illness, stressful periods, a break-up, or after hosting guests, smudging can help reset the energy in your home and restore balance.

  4. During Times of Emotional or Spiritual Turmoil: If you're feeling emotionally drained, anxious, or spiritually disconnected, smudging can help restore a sense of calm and harmony.

  5. Regularly, as Part of Routine Maintenance: Some people incorporate smudging into their regular cleaning routines, such as weekly or monthly, to maintain a consistently purified environment and promote ongoing spiritual well-being.

  6. Before Meditation, Prayer, or Spiritual Practices: Cleansing your space before engaging in meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices can help create a conducive atmosphere for deepening your connection and focus.

Ultimately, the best time to sage is whenever you feel the need to cleanse and purify your space energetically. Trust your intuition and choose moments that resonate with you personally or align with your spiritual practices.

When you are ready to sage;

  • Prepare Yourself: Before lighting your sage, play calming music and take a moment to centre yourself.

  • Open Up: Open all windows and doors in your home to allow fresh air to circulate.

  • Light the Sage: Light your sage stick and let it catch fire, then blow it out so it smoulders and produces smoke.

  • Start Saging: Begin in one room, waving the sage stick around to let the smoke fill the space. Move through each room sequentially.

  • Allow the Smoke to Flow: As you move from room to room, allow the smoke to permeate and cleanse the atmosphere.

  • Burn Out: Once you've finished saging, place the smouldering sage stick in an ashtray in the largest room of your home and let it burn out naturally.

  • Close Up: After the sage has burned out and the smoke has settled, close all windows and doors.

  • Repeat as Needed: Repeat this process whenever you feel the need to cleanse and purify your home.

Following these steps can help create a serene and purified environment in your living space, promoting a sense of calm and clarity.

Lighting a white candle after will invite in new pure energy & new beginnings.

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