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Life does not always go our way and at times we can have things thrown at us that are out of our control, like a break up, losing a job, financial troubles, family issues, or we might even feel lost, out of sorts and lacking direction in life. 

These 3 candles together are perfect when you are at such a crossroads in life. 


The black candle will remove old energy, old habits, thought patterns, and anger toward the situation. 

When burning a black candle alongside a yellow candle it will help to avoid depression. 

Yellow signifies communication ,learning, healing, memory and helps to stimulate your mind, brings in positive energy, and new people. 

The dark purple candle will connect you in closer with spiritual guidance, guardian angels, bring in good luck and new doors, balance your emotions and cleanse your aura. 

Feeling Blue?

SKU: FB 10003
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