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All candles hold a meaning behind the colour and when you light them with intent you gain the benefits of the candle magic. 


Yellow (attract) - Positive energy, creativity, new ideas in business, lite before starting a new job, communication, clarity, focus, expanding your network. 


Pink (attract) - Draw love into your life (place by the home's doorway) positive love energy, bring in the love you need to grow and become a better lover. Lite a pink candle to open your heart and invite this energy in. 


Orange (attract) - Broaden your horizons, grow your ambition, change, success, motivation, great for manifesting, attract new doors to open. 


White (attract) - New beginnings, lighter energy, purity, clear head, insight, healing, meditation, protection. 


Purple (attract) - Wisdom, enhance psychic ability, independence, spiritual growth, connect with your higher self, witchcraft, justice, emotional balance. 


Blue (attract) - Peace, calm & relaxing atmosphere, soothing, quiet the mind, lite after a long day to remove other people's energy off you, relieve stress, communicate better.  


Green (attract) - Personal growth, luck, money, prosperity, abundance, speak your goals and manifest out loud. 


Black (remove) - negative energy, negative thought patterns, bad habits, hexes or evil intent towards you, help with hard times, anxiety & depression, when you are ready to move on from a chapter of your life, removes old stagnant energy, lite if someone around you/living with you/or is sick or dying.        

Candle Magic (Small)

SKU: CM001
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