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Welcome to Koda Connections

Psychic Medium & Healing Sessions

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Meet Koda 

Hi, I'm Dakota

My journey into the realm of psychic abilities began at a young age. I feel blessed to have an accurate sixth sense & be able to share that with people while offering a glimpse into their past, present, and future. A considerable part of my gift is the ability to heal and move energy that no longer serves you while connecting with spirits to pass over messages received from your loved ones.

I don't just give you messages and let you figure them out, I help to understand your messages, and give you the tools to move forward. I also know how much information can come out of a session & it can be overwhelming, so I will send you an email after your reading with all the key points, messages, tips and tricks & other helpful things that we may have not had time for in the reading.  


Relaxing into a session can provide guidance, solace, clarity, and direction to your present.

All readings are personalized and conducted in the most comfortable and non-judgemental nature.

Essential Oil

Special Beauty Treatment Deals

Koda - The Psychic Beauty Therapist. 

Add a beauty treatment on to your reading session at the checkout or book one on it's own at  

- Keratin Lash Lifts & Tint $80

- Eyebrow Laminations & Tint $100

- Lash Lift & Eyebrow Lamination + Tint Duo $130

- Eyebrow shape & Tint $30 

- Collagen Facials $65

- Waxing - From $30

Check out Arliya Beauty on Instagram to see some of Koda's before & afters 

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Beauty Treatments 

"Dakota helped shift all the old energy I was carrying through a healing which was pure bliss, her energy and way she makes you feel at ease is instant. Thanks Koda I feel like a new person."

- Danny - Newtown

"My healing session with Koda was amazing, I really did not know what to expect, & It felt like she already knew why I was there and made me feel at ease, I can't thank her enough for her help."

- Zoe -       


"From the moment I met Koda I instantly felt calm, she is so warm and friendly. I struggled to book the session to begin with as my close and dear friend passed away and I felt very sad and lost. I didn't feel like talking to a stranger, however, after my family friend recommend Koda to me she said she would make me feel at ease and find peace within the situation.
It was an amazing session and I have now seen Koda 4 times."

- Fa - 


Em, Crows Nest 

"Koda is just incredible - while her gift is so special, you combine that with her graceful and kind personality and you receive one of the most transformative experiences of your life. Her sessions have helped guide me immensely, providing me with loving support and practical advice that truly makes a difference. I am in constant awe of Koda and feel blessed having these experiences- I look forward to many more"


Would you like to write a testimonial about your session? 
You are welcome to email koda to be uploaded here, or leave a google review. 
Every review is greatly appericated and I love reading them! 
Thanks to all my customers, with or without a review I LOVE reading for you. 

Lisa, Killara

"I love seeing psychics, but I find they just shoot lots of information at you and send you on your way to figure out the messages on your own. Koda doesn't do that, she spoke with ease and guided me though my session while offering me advice on how to navigate my situation, she also sent me a email after my session with all these tips and tricks to help better my situation moving forward. My session with her was hands down the best psychic session I have experienced
Thanks Koda" 

Candle Magic 

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